1. "Don’t you get what that means? What it means that we’re on Paige’s side right now, that we’re actively rooting for the girl who one time shoved Emily’s head under water, that we now see in Paige all of the panic and promise we see in ourselves? We didn’t get here on our own; we got here because the writers brought us here. We believe in Paige because they gave us a Paige to believe in. This scene isn’t about taking away the lesbian we root for; it’s about giving us a pair of lesbians to stand behind. A pair of lesbians who now can, for the very first time, approach one another on a level playing field. A pair of lesbians who are, above all, people.”

    —Heather Hogan

    I think I stopped breathing while I read the end of this recap, it is just beautiful, I’m speechless. Just, wow

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